Text A Taxi


Queensland Cricket has joined with Yellow Cabs to provide a special service for all members of the cricket community via their mobile phone.

With Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker, you never wait in a queue because the booking goes straight from your mobile to the booking system so you get the next available cab.

Even better, you will never have to wait on-hold racking up mobile voice call charges the only cost is whatever you pay for just one SMS under your mobile phone plan.

All you need is a standard mobile and the ability to do downloads.

Just SMS the letters BULLS to 0427 767 222 and the system will automatically respond with a message containing your Queensland Cricket booking forms.

On any standard handset you just hit GO TO or READ and just keep pressing "Yes" as your phone automatically downloads to your Applications or Games area in your handset.

Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker gives you the ability to pop in three addresses From Office, From Home or From Other.

Just click on the form box and your phone will pop back to your normal text screen to make it easy for you to type in your details.

When you press OK, your phone will pop each piece of booking information into the form for you.

If you want to change cab types or vary your pick-up time, just press the box with the popper arrow and click to make your choice.

You can type over your "Book from Other" address anytime you are out and about and the cab will come to you!

And remember to use your Cancel button if you don't need your cab any more, so they can be reallocated for other customers faster.

You can pass the Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker to any of your friends by using the "Send to a Friend" form and it goes automatically to their mobile phone.

This is not a subscription and there is no charge at all for holding the booking forms in your phone.

Plus you can delete them at any time by just pressing the Delete option on your phone menu.

So if you are in Brisbane and surrounds or Toowoomba and Warwick get booking Yellow Cabs and jump past the queue with our compliments! We'll let you know as other regions come on board.

Phone Set-up FAQ:

To download Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker your phone just needs to connect to your carrier network once to get the application to your phone.

From then on it just sits in your phone applications area on the menu.

When you need to use it, you just press the icon on your menu and the application pops up ready for your booking.

Your booking information is sent down to the taxi booking system as an SMS you do not need any other connection.

If your phone is not configured to take a normal download, you can go to your carrier's web page and just follow the instruction to set it up yourself.

The web connections for the major carriers are:

Optus customers:
Go to "Setup GPRS" and follow the prompts.

Telstra customers:
Type in your mobile number then a security password will be sent to your mobile. Select your phone type and in the password to move to the settings page. Choose the "Email" setting and the web page will send down the new settings to your mobile as well as give you a second PIN. Just read the message on your mobile and type in the PIN when requested and your settings will be updated.

Vodafone customers:
Press "Mobile Phone Settings" > Select your mobile from the list. Choose "Standard Set-up" A password will be displayed, which you type in along with your mobile number. Then just follow the prompts sent down to your phone.

3 customers:
Planet3>Setup & Pricing>Value Packs>Explorer Starter Pack
(Note: The Explorer Starter Pack costs an extra $5.00 per month on
your plan, but you can turn it off once you have downloaded.)

Virgin Mobile:
Go to "Download My Settings" Progressively type in an Submit:
> Phone Make
> Phone Model
> Service - Choose "WAP"
> Enter Mobile Number
When the "Configuration Message" is sent to your mobile just press "YES" then "OK" and your settings are updated.

For other carriers, just go to their web page or call Customer Service for instructions.

There may be a small charge of a few cents data cost for the Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker download depending on your carrier.

The download only occurs once and from then on it just works from you phone memory. So if you need to go to a more expensive plan to get the download, just cancel it once Queensland Cricket Mobile Booker is running in your phone.